Welcome to the Rainbow coloured world of Harriett & Evelynn!


Photo of Lizzi the maker and owner of Harriett & Evelynn. Lizzi is female with bright pink shoulder length hair in curls. She is wearing a light pink cardigan and rainbow striped dress and is standing with a hand on her waist in front of a rainbow striped wall. She has a slight smile.

Hello, I'm Lizzi.

I make things I enjoy ....what's the point otherwise? I am the designer, creator and maker at Harriett & Evelynn.

In a world full of grey, in conformity and social order we desperately need some colour and some excitement. So I create some.

Jewellery makes a statement.

Whether small and perfectly formed or bold and brashy. Brooches are even said to have their own language - just ask the Queen!

A few facts about me:

  • I LOVE exquistely sparkly jewellery and beautiful dresses, I love old Hollywood glamour and alllllllll its stylings. I also love bright, bold colours.
  • And llamas.
  • And cacti. And beach huts, and silliness and cats! I definately love cats. So much so I named my business after two.
  • I'm vegan, yep one of *them*. I'm not a big fan of using bits of dead animal in my jewellery in any form so I am very picky about the polymer clay I use. Just quietly...it's not all vegan friendly, looking at you Fimo! It's why H&E is a registered member of the Vegan Traders Union, no icky stuff here.
  • I am a perfectionist, hey I'm a Virgo, that's kind of our thing but something I have learnt about art as well as life is there is no such thing as perfect. Especially when it comes to handmade art. The beautiful thing about it all is often the imperfection. That's how you know it was made by a human being rather than a machine. Art is subjective. Perfection is subjective. I'm training my virgo side to embrace the perfectly imperfect.

    Who are Harriett & Evelynn?

    My cats. I wanted a name that didn't have my own in the title but yet was still personal to me and would be suitable for almost any situation.

    My beautiful babies are Hattie and Evie or as you might see them more often called on the H&E social media; The Big Boss and The Little Boss! Nothing to do with their status, simply down to Hattie being bigger and a little older than Evie. Despite looking like siblings they are not, Evie is around 4 months younger than Hattie. Both came from our local cat rescue as kittens, I was there when Hattie and her brothers arrived at the sanctuary without their mum and spent hours everyday helping to socialise them ready for adoption. She won me over with her tiny demading shouts and is no different now in her terrible twos! Evie goes from zero to a thousand in less than a second and back again. Often sound asleep from around midday, simply think about moving a toy and she will appear ready and eager to play. Hattie likes to know what I am up to at all times so often takes up residence in her Rainbow Room bed while I work meaning she features on social media a little more than Evie.





    Make every day a statement.

    Wear the art. BE the art! Be wonderful shining you. In a world of well behaved grey, be your own kind of special rainbow.